Milwaukee in Miniature

Exposition Building

Milwaukee in Miniature

The Milwaukee County Historical Society is proud to share its current exhibit: Milwaukee in Miniature.

The exhibit offers a rare look at some of Milwaukee’s most treasured historical landmarks all in miniature form.  Highlighted in the exhibit are 16 scale models of Milwaukee’s buildings as they appeared at the turn of the century.  The scale models were created by Ferdinand Aumueller, a Milwaukee resident who spent countless hours during his retirement to recreate the City of Milwaukee in miniature form.

The exhibit will run through the end of this year.

Already visited the exhibit?  Now see the buildings in person!  Download the Tour Guide and visit the buildings on your own self-guided tour!

Mobile Tour Guide

Do you have a smartphone or a tablet computer? Now you can take our self-guided tour with the Google Maps App! Start at the green pin in front of MCHS and follow the blue route around the streets of Milwaukee. Hit each pin as you come across them to view a photo of the site how it was in the early 20th century along with a description of the buildings located nearby. The rout will take you all the way back to MCHS, end at the red pin.

The map can be viewed below, or you can click this link and you will be directed to Google Maps.


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