About the Blog


Welcome to Milwaukee County Historical Society’s official blog: MKE Memoirs!

In an effort to bring our work at MCHS to a wider audience, we have decided to provide an outlet for us to communicate with all those willing to learn about Milwaukee County’s vast history.

MKE Memoirs is meant to provide its followers with engaging stories we find while perusing our extensive collection of artifacts and archives. Our staff and interns will post entries based around artifacts in our collection and documents and photos in our archives that best exemplify life in Milwaukee County throughout our storied history. You can learn more about our staff and interns by clicking “Contributors” under the About drop down menu.

This blog is also designed to inform its viewers about the various events held at the MCHS building and its various historic sites, including new exhibits, guest lectures, and store sales.

The comment section is designed to encourage thought-provoking responses to our contributors’ posts. We hope to provide a way for followers to share their own unique stories about Milwaukee County history in a friendly environment. The administrators of the blog reserve to right to delete comments deemed a hindrance to our ability to create an atmosphere that is inviting and informative. We encourage all followers to share facts, trivia, and stories about anything related to Milwaukee County’s history. We here at MCHS are always open to learning more about our great city!

You can follow the blog through a variety of social media outlets. In the right-hand side bar and the menu at the top of the page, there are links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can choose to follow us or like us on either of these social networks. When a new story is posted, it will be pushed to both our Facebook and Twitter page to let our followers know. You can also chose to follow us via email by clicking “Follow” under the appropriate section in the sidebar. Finally, if you have your own WordPress account, you can chose to follow us by click “Follow” at the top of the page.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


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