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Beatlemania in MKE: 45 Years Later

Beatles in MKE

Image courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Tonight, after a 45-year absence, the Beatles will return to the City of Milwaukee for a sold out show at Miller Park. Well – in a way. Sir Paul McCartney, one of the two surviving Beatles, will make his triumphant reappearance when he takes the stage at around 8 p.m.

Did you miss out on your chance for tickets? Don’t feel too bad! The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published an article today featuring photos of the band’s September 4, 1964 visit. While it’s not much, it might be just enough to assuage some of the sting of not being able to attend tonight’s concert.

The Marquette Digest has also posted a quick blurb on the Fab Four’s stay at what is now Marquette University’s Mashuda Hall.

For those who were sure to grab tickets while they were still available, have a blast tonight. Take lots of photos and be sure to donate copies to the Historical Society! We’d love some in our collections!


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