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Check us out on Historypin!


The digital revolution is upon us! In a continuing effort to reach out to history lovers all over the county and the nation, the Milwaukee County Historical Society has set up its very own Historypin account!

Historypin is a user-generated archive of historical photos, video and audio. Account-holders can upload their photo collections to the site and “pin” them to Google Maps. In places where Google Street View is available,  users can overlay historical photographs to compare it with the contemporary location.

The Research Library at the MCHS has close to a million photographs in its collections. These are a sampling of some of the photos available to patrons. Currently our uploaded photos are from our Harold Stanfield collection; we are working on getting more of Stanfield’s photographs and photographs from our other collections uploaded.

Here’s a little taste or what our Historypin page provides:

snake charmer

There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out our Historypin page right here, and keep coming back for more updates!


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