Yelp’s Brew City Bash II: A Night in Review

The Scarring Party 02Where can you find good food, great music, and a whole slew of guest dressed as gangsters and flappers all under one roof? Why, at MCHS, of course!

Not too long ago, the Milwaukee County Historical Society had the distinct honor of hosting Yelp’s second Brew City Bash, and by all accounts it was truly a night to remember! And although the beverages have stopped flowing, food is no longer being served, and The Scarring Party has long since left the building, memories of the evening are still burning in the back of attendees’ minds and are being shared all across the Internet.

Since that raucous night, photos and reviews of the event have cropped up all over the web. Did you and your friends all crowd into the Cudahy Library for an outrageous period photo? They’re all online for your viewing pleasure! Didn’t make it up to the Library for a group shot? Don’t worry, over 100 candid photos have been posted on flickr, featuring all the goings-on at the bash. If you took a photo in the Traveling Photo Booth, you can view it here by entering the password: HYRHE. If you missed the event completely and want to see what your fellow Milwaukeeans had to say about the party, check out Yelp for a whole host of reviews!

All in all it was a great time! We want to thank everyone involved, including the Yelp staff, the local restaurants, The Scarring Party and all attendees. We truly appreciate all the tireless effort put in to make Yelp’s second annual Brew City Bash a resounding success!


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