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Next Saturday! “Frank J. Hess and Sons Cooperage: A History”


At the age of 14, Frank J. Hess wanted to learn the cooperage trade, so he started and completed a four-year cooperage apprenticeship in Pilsen, Bohemia. At 19, he traveled to America by ship and then by train to Chicago, where he built white oak barrels for the Westside Brewery. In 1904, the Frank J. Hess and Sons Cooperage factory opened in Madison. They manufactured and repaired beer kegs for breweries throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, and also wine and whiskey barrels. In 1966 the factory closed, signaling the end of the American beer barrel industry. Join the grandsons of Frank J. Hess as their share not only the story of their grandfather’s business, but also the lost art of barrelmaking, once a thriving business here in Milwaukee. This lecture begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 20th. Don’t be late!

Event will be held at the Grohmann Museum, Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1000 N. Broadway, Milwaukee

The Grohmann Museum has released more information on the upcoming lecture, which can be viewed here.


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